Stitches Bring It All Together

Stitches bring more than fabric together. In the hands of talented craftspeople, stitches can create . . . 
. . . unity with an embroidered emblem on uniforms
. . . the right environment with elegant backdrops for a display 
. . . a unique gift that honors a valued person.

Inspired by this power, Unique Stitches, Inc. offers you an array of products and services for embroidery, patches and custom or contract sewing.

What your mind can envision, and a needle can fashion, we can create.




Need a cap that identifies your staff to your customers?

Does your friend deserve a gift that celebrates his or her individuality?

Unique Stitches can render any design on almost any surface with precision. Embroidery suggests permanence and tradition, unlike screen-printed items. And colorful threads create a visual appeal all their own.




Need more uniform patches fast?

Do you want a custom-designed emblem for your group?

Unique Stitches specializes in fast delivery of small quantities of embroidered emblems and patches, and in designing original embroidered images. Create camaraderie and help your group stand out from competitors and non-professionals with expressive stitches.


Custom Sewing

Does your photo shoot depend on custom-sewn items?

Need drapes for a trade show booth that harmonize with your corporate image?

Unique Stitches brings years of experience and an eye for detail to all your custom-sewing jobs. Let us create an environment that supports your message.